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Our Founder

Jean began her career as an educator. She has been involved with corporate human resource and employee relations' issues for over two decades. Jean has mentored a variety of children on the college admissions process for undergraduate and graduate studies. This includes her three children which have all gone through the college process in different fields. She keeps up with the latest trends in academic admissions processes. Having grown up in a country with limited opportunities for talented youth, she is driven to connect students with life changing opportunities through education.

Jean holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master's of Arts in Communications Studies. She sincerely believes that she is living out her God given purpose by directly impacting the lives of young people in a way that creates real change for themselves, their families, and their communities. She views herself as incredibly blessed to have the unconditional love and support of her best friend and husband, Norman, who works behind the scenes diligently to provide guidance, direction, and finances to the mission.

Her ability to connect with people stems from her realization that she cannot do this work alone. She accepts, and deeply values, the support and encouragement of every single villager who makes the students and the mission of Passport to College a priority.

When asked what she hopes for the most, Jean's response is in keeping with her philosophy, "to see as many students that have the ability but not the opportunity, go to college and be the best he or she can be". Equally to her important is to see these same students create pathways for others who, like themselves, simply needed someone to make a way for them to travel to better.

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What We Do

We are an exceptional non-profit for several reasons. One such reason is that we are run by the very students that we serve. There are no paid staff. Scholars hold voluntary positions of service for their entire undergraduate years of study; some even into their graduate and professional careers. We provide many different forms of support to our students, some of which include:

Provide School Supplies

Upon acceptance and enrollment in a university through Passport to College, students are provided with the relevant tools needed. These include laptops, books and stationery.

Coach Students

Passport to College coaches its students to function effectively in the school and work environment.

Match Students with Universities

We work with colleges and students to find the perfect match.

Provide career advice

Passport to College coaches its students to function effectively in the school and work environment.

Grant access to our

We work with colleges and students to find the perfect match.

Collaborate with high schools

We collaborate with high schools to find their best and brightest students whose futures may be hampered because of finances.

How We Work

Passport to College believes in the principle of Ubuntu; I am because we are. In keeping with this mantra, students demonstrate a deep sense of commitment to each other, students awaiting the same opportunities and the organization. Our villagers are a vital part of our organization. A villager is anyone who believes in and supports our cause. They contribute their time, resources, finances, mentorship, and anything that helps our students succeed. 

We are committed to promoting and supporting academic excellence in students. This drives all our decisions and has proven successful in our many student success stories. We are also eager to partner with individuals and institutions which share this value.

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