about us

We connect with students from all over the world who are beating the odds.Students who, against all types of challenges, have demonstrated tenacity, strong work ethics, will power, integrity and a burning desire to succeed.

Provide school suppplies

Upon acceptance and enrollment in a university through Passport to College, students are provided with the relevant tools needed. These include laptops, books and stationery.

Coach students

Passport to College coaches its students to function effectively in the school and work environment.

Match students with universities

We work with colleges and students to find the perfect match for our students.

Collaborate with high schools

We collaborate with high schools to find their best and brightest students whose futures may be hampered because of finances.

Provide career advice

Passport to College provides career advice to all its students so their lives after university will be just as fruitful.

Grant access to our network

We have an ever growing network of professionals and villagers who are ready and willing to work with all students on their journey. Students we work with are able to tap into this rich network.

The people behind
Passport to College

We are an exceptional non-profit for several reasons. One such reason is that we are run by the very students that we serve. There are no paid staff. Scholars hold voluntary positions of service for their entire undergraduate years of study; some even into their graduate years of study and careers.

about us