Our Villagers

No one knows for sure of the origin of the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child"; yet, all can agree on the significance of its meaning. Passport to College has implemented this concept as the core of its mission. That, as members of a Global Village, we are beneficiaries of the success of each student that has the potential but is in need of an opportunity to attend college.

Kezia A.

Hellen A.

Joy A.

Gloria B.

Monica C.

Gloria C.

Dahlia C.

Angela D.

Paula D.

Cedric G.

Anna H.

Janel H.

Joan H.

Michael H.

Catherine H.

Claudette H.

Pauline I.

Marion I.

Danielle L.

Sheldon L.

Laverne M.

Montrose M.

Ann O.

Patricia R.

Pat R.

Lugene T.

Godfrey W.

Jenief W.

Jasmine W.

Our villagers are from all over the world, they support the mission by providing funds, services, and goods. They connect with each student. They are apprised of each student’s achievements, challenges, and successes. They take their role as villagers seriously and go above and beyond to give of themselves for the betterment of students they may or may not ever meet face to face. They recognize that they make a life changing difference. They believe that they are a part of a Global Village. They believe in Passport to College!

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