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My name is Keneisha Wiggan and I am a proud past student of Port-Antonio High in Portland Jamaica and now a Freshman at Claflin University pursuing a Bachelor Degree Major in Computer Engineering. My aspiration is to own my own company and be one of the worlds most outstanding Hardware developer and Visionary leader. I define my self as a well rounded, determined, hardworking and self motivated person. My favourite quote is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I use it to motivate myself to never give up and that nothing is impossible. Passport to college has helped me to venture off to University and for that I am truly greatful. My goal for this semester and years to come is to maintain a high GPA and to be a active member on campus and to also assist with Passport To college as much as possible. I am passionate about helping others and giving to them the same oppertunity that Passport To College gave me.

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