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I see myself as a candle whose responsibility it is to shine light to help others find their way.

My name is Romans Grant and I am from Jamaica. I am inspired by those who seek to know and make it their business to share with others what they have gained and what has served them well. I have always believed that education would be my pathway to a better life.

I believe that God has a plan for each person and I can see his plan for me much clearer now.  I depend upon the scripture (Heb 13:5) where God promises to always be with me.

 I am now attenidng Tougaloo College  where I am  majoring in chemistry. My upmost goal is to attain a doctoratge  degree in Chemistry toward becoming  a Medical Researcher.    It has been an honor meeting and geting to know the PTC family.  

From here onwards I have decided to live as an example to many, and with the help of God, I will guide, help and remind anyone  doubtful about there future,  that there is hope. I am very grateful for the help and opportunities that I have received and though I can never repay, someday I will return my assistance to where it came from.

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