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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Mahatma Gandhi. My name is Cherica Scott and this is my aim. I am a past student of Titchfield High school who has been given this amazing opportunity to attend Tougaloo College where I can now make my dreams reality. Thanks to Passport to College, I major in Mathematics at my school, with hopes of becoming a successful female actuary and/or mathematician. Through hard work and diligence, I seek to make an impact on my peers by being an active member of the Tougaloo student body and of the Passport to College group. By currently being a member of the Tougaloo Ambassadors for Meritorious Scholars (TAMS) and the School's Concert Choir, I hope to impact the lives of others around me in any way possible; with even higher hopes to do more in the future.

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