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I am an aspiring biotechnologist who is thankful for all the bridges I have crossed and realise the ones I will have to cross in order to achieve my goals. This is why it was such a thrilling moment when I was accepted to Claflin University and even more surprising to be recipient of a full Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College Scholarship. I aim to keep a high GPA while being a member of Friends Of the Earth Environmental Club, the Ernest E. Just Science Club and American Chemical Society, just to name a few. My hard work and optimism have created a pathway into seveal inernships to include medical research at the Kegs Medical School at Univeristy of Southern California. i will be pursing a graduate a Phd in Biotechnology after completing my undergraduate degree at Claflin.

 Having the full support of my school community and Passport to College have made positive influences on my life and for that I am forever thankful.

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