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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is the motto that I live by  My name is  Janeala Morsby (past Head Girl of  Titchfield High school) who dreamt daily of becoming a medical doctor.  I attend the prestigious Claflin University where I  majors in Biochemistry.  I recieved a  full academic Alice Carson Tisdale Honors Scholarship. I currently hold a GPA of 4.0 along with a gold medal as the AHEC Summer role model of the week at the Medical University of South Carolina and a silver medallion for second best presentation on Hepatitis B.

As a student striving to be a medical doctor, I am very much involved in clubs such as MAPS, Friends of the Earth and the Ernest E. Just Science Club. I have completed seveal internships to include Novartis and  researched Error Prone Polymerase Reaction with my Mentor Dr. Panasik. My future goals are to get involved in more medical programs, tutor, participate in research, attend medical school  and become a better servant for my Lord.

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