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I am Wendena Parkes an international student from Jamaica and a sophomore Biology major at Claflin University. During my time at Claflin I have  m earned numerous awards and has occupied many leadership positions. Some of the awards include being a member of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors, the Claflin University International Alumni Association scholarship (CUIAA) and being placed on the Dean’s list for exemplary academic performance. While at Claflin University I have participated in the Ernest E Just Science club, American Chemical Society club and Friends of the Earth. I am  also currently a Peer mentor as well as an undergraduate research assistant. In the future she plans to become an entrepreneur and a clinical lab scientist by attending one of the top universities in America. She wants to become a clinical lab scientist because she will have the opportunity to combat some of the infectious diseases that are plaguing our society.   I simply love people and that is the reason why I  volunteered at Houses to Homes organization in Guatemala so that a family could finally have a house to call their own.

I regard myself a disciplined, dedicated, motivated and hardworking student who knows the meaning of sacrifice.  This is  the reason why will always try  to  make use of every opportunity that comes my way. This is the reason why I will forever be grateful to Claflin University and  Passport to College for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

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