Ricardo Burke

Claflin University
in the spotlight...

'Unassuming' is perhaps the most fitting description of Burkey. Marked by his calm and reserved personality. Burkey, as he is fondly known, gets the job done with little to no fanfare. 

If it were allowable to have more than three majors, he would likely declare Physics, mathematics, Chemistry and Biology as his disciplines of choice. Until then, he had settled on a major in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science at Claflin University. 

Burkey has consistently demonstrated the ability to manage his time spent studying, soccer and gym, watching movies and sleeping, which is one of the things he likes to do the most, while staying above a 3.8. 

Yet, nothing has gotten in the way of his role and responsibility as mentor to several students who eager for the opportunity he has received at Claflin as well staying in contact with his family. He spends an enormous amount of time offering tangible support to his mentees: ensuring they are on target with their studies, preparing them for the SAT: ACT, guiding them through the college application process, reviewing their essays and encouraging them to stay positive and work hard and holding them accountable toward a better tomorrow. 

Burkey has seen the positive results not only from the time and effort he puts into his own studies but also the equally important pay off for his mentees that receive top scores in college standardized tests and receive scholarships to begin their Tertiary education too. 

Summer 2017 finds Burkey in Grand Rapid, Michigan at Van Andel Institute cancer immunodiagnostics department in the Haab lab where he is conducting research on the use of specific biomarkers, glycans, to identify and characterize the behavior of pancreatic cancer cells.


Burkey, because you give so much of yourself to others who need you, always sharing every bit of information that you see could make someone else journey better, we respect and honor you!!!!

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