Collett Charlton

Alcorn State University
Computer Science
in the spotlight...

It takes a shorter time to share what Collett does not do in a day than what she does do.

Few students possess the ability to balance without much stress or whining the number of activities she does in any given day.  Her resilience and approach toward life and living is way beyond her years and the Admission staff at Alcorn regards her as “the leader of the PTC pact.” It is hard pressed to find a more genuinely kind, selfless and compassionate but assertive and determined student.

Staff and peers are amazed at how much caring and tenacity she puts into every task and the extent to which she assumes her roles and responsibilities.  Collett has always viewed academics as her pathway to a better life and insist that she takes an active role in supporting (pushing if she must) others to apply themselves, make use of opportunities and reach for the highest.   Collett maintains a 4.0 GPA while mentoring students in the Summer Developmental Program, the Alcorn State University Math center.

Her role in PTC is multi-faceted as she recruits, mentors, handles administrative tasks and her favorite,  maintaining and supporting of the PTC website.

Summer 2017 finds her working diligently and productively with some new high school graduates who needs additional help to transition into a tertiary level institution.

Her favorite things to do include learning to code, traveling, helping others, and just having fun with her friends.

We expect to see Collett at upcoming Hackathons, computer conferences and seminars.  We look forward to her being PTC’s first female Computer Science Engineer graduate!


Collett, because of your tireless consistent devotion to your studies, mentees, and PTC support, we applaud you, we are grateful and so proud of you!

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