Shamara Lawrence

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
in the spotlight...

"She likkle but she tallawah." Meaning: One who is small in size but a mighty force to be reckoned with, who has the knack of getting things done in a way that amaze most. 

Shamara, a sophomore at UAPB has already made her mark in so many ways beyond academics. Somehow she is able to consistently balance a 4.0 GPA with her several extracurricular activities, conferences, and travels. Most importantly and in keeping with PTC core principle, Shamara is constantly sharing everything she finds that's good with her PTC and nonPTC peers. Her role within PTC is Scholarship researcher and one she takes very seriously.  PTC can count on Shamara to research, find and share scholarships of all kinds. As a result, like Shamara, other PTC scholars have attained scholarships and gained opportunities that has been incredibly beneficial to their personal, academic, and career development. Shamara loves to travel and enjoys new experiences wherever she gets the opportunity. In her first semester she volunteered at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and visited New York. Since then she has been to Monsanto 1890 Leadership conference in St. Louis, received first runner up award for UALR Calculus contest, and is currently conducting research in Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Pittsburgh. Most recently, Shamara has been selected as recipient for the Western Union Foundation Scholarship, in recognition of her hard work and community involvement. She is also an active member in her school community, as she seeks many opportunities to volunteer as a tutor, mentor and lab assistant. She is eager to assume the office of Vice-President for Carolyn Blakely's Honors College, for the academic year 2017/2018.


Shamara offers to help PTC in any way she feels she can contribute.  The faculty and her peers at UAPB are thrilled to have her as part of their team and we at PTC feel just the same. We applaud you and we thank you Shamara as you continue your journey.

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