Alice Tisdale Honor Scholar

Janeala Morsby


Claflin University


in the spotlight...


What is your current classification?

I am currently a sophomore.


What are the most noteworthy things that you got done over the past year? Which of these accomplishments are you most proud of?

Over the past year, I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, complete my first research internship at Claflin University, and work as a writing consultant at the writing center. I was also awarded as the best poster presenter at the Claflin University Research day as well as a recipient of the Anheuser Busch Scholarship. Of all my accomplishments, receiving the Anheuser Busch Scholarship is the one that I am proudest of.


What opportunities to learn new things did you take advantage of?

I am always eager to learn new things in life and as such, I took advantage of many opportunities such as attending the South Carolina Writing Conference in Charleston in order to learn more about the different writing skills. I also completed 20 hours of shadowing a surgeon by the name of Dr. Hill at the Regional Medical Centre as well as completed an online leadership course with the INROADS program in order to learn how to become a better leader.


What are your top three goals for the remainder of the year? Why are those goals important to you?

My top three goals for the remainder of the year are: 1. To maintain a GPA of 4.0 2. To start practicing for the MCAT in order to get into medical school. 3. To develop new methods that will help Passport to College to grow both internally as a body (that is get more students from other countries) and externally (get individuals to start supporting Passport to College). These goals are important to me because I want to ensure that I get enrolled in Medical school upon graduating from Claflin University as well as give back to Passport to College which is a constant dream of mine.


What one skill, if mastered, would have the greatest impact on the achievement of your goals?

Over the past year, I have managed to master the skill of managing time. I am now able to get all my work done not only on time, but ahead of time. Mastering my time management skills has allowed me to set aside time to help other students who are apart of Passport to College as well as participate in medical programs that help gear me towards my future goals.


How has Passport to College supported your aforementioned goals?

Passport to College supported me by helping to provide the resources needed to obtain my goals such as books and other stationary equipment. Passport to College also ensured that I had the emotional support that I would need in order to get pass any obstacle I came upon that would prevent me from obtaining my goals. Without Passport to College I would not be in College right now and so I am eternally grateful to this organization.