Athlete. Scholar. Fairweather

Trisana Fairweather is Passport to College’s only non-STEM scholar. She is a Business Administration undergraduate, with a minor in Accounting, at Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC, and record-breaking track and field athlete. Originally from Jamaica, she constantly impresses in the classroom and on the track.

Trisana Fairweather


Claflin University


in the spotlight...


What is your current classification?

I am a sophomore; graduating in May 2018.


What are the most noteworthy things that you got done over the past year? Which of these accomplishments are you most proud of?

Over the past year I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA whilst engaging in extracurricular activities, particularly track & field. Last December, I ran the 300m and broken Claflin’s record with a time of 39.81 seconds. In early January, I was successful in my 55m race where I ran 6.86 seconds; currently the nation’s leading time for collegiate women. This timing has also secured a spot for me in the National’s Indoor Championships and I was named by the USTFCCA National Athlete of the week. I have also broken the Emory Complex meet record in the 200m. Fortunately, these accomplishments have landed me a ticket to the National Indoor Championships in Pittsburg, Kansas, March 11-12, where I will compete in the 60m and the 200m events.


What opportunities to learn new things did you take advantage of?

I am encircled by a lot of opportunities and, of course, I have taken advantage of them. I am fond of learning new things and broadening my horizon. Therefore, I try to take advantage of varied learning opportunities; so often times I can be seen in a few of my PTC friend’s classes wanting to learn something new. I have attended several workshops events and seminars that provided information about applying for internships, summer job programs as well as how to manage time and be a better balanced college student. With all these opportunities provided, I have applied to several internships and conferences. Also, I have scheduled meetings, twice a week, with my advisor, dean and coach in order to get valuable knowledge and guidance that will help me accomplish my goals quicker and easier.


What are your top three goals for the remainder of the year? Why are those goals important to you?

My goals for this years are to maintain a 4.0 GPA; receive All-American titles for both indoor and outdoor championships by getting first place in all my races and setting records; and to obtain an internship this summer. To accomplish these goals is very crucial. I am very passionate about school and track and field because I want to showcase my talents and intelligence and how I am excelling in these areas. I have managed to build my self-esteem and paved my way to success due to the many outstanding performances in these two aspects. It is important that I maintain my GPA as to keep my scholarship and also be on the Presidential Honor Roll. For track, it is imperative that I defend my titles and do not slack off because my team and coach are depending on me.


What one skill, if mastered, would have the greatest impact on the achievement of your goals?

Many might argue that hard working spirit is not a skill but a personality trait. However, willingness to work whilst having self-confidence is one of my unique skills. Many people around are not willing to put in the work and try to accomplish their goals. I am a true believer of achieving goals; chasing your dreams and making them come true. As in a race, I can start it but might not finish because I may catch a cramp or fall. If that happens, I won’t know the real feel of celebrating success, as joy comes when you cross the finish line and celebrate your success. With confidence, one can accomplish anything they put their mind to. The perseverance and willingness to move forward will only push me forward and be successful in life. Even though life is full of surprises, I must hurdle over my obstacles in the race of life and overcome them. My ego of wanting to work whilst having self-confidence and staying focused is my driving force to stay hungry and accomplish my goals.


How has Passport to College supported your aforementioned goals?

Passport to College is the backbone of all my successes. This great organization is like my family, second to my immediate family because the many support it provides for me. The loyalty and kindness of the villagers have provided basic necessities, the daily needed motivation and encouragement via texts, phone calls, social media and smiles I need to push me onward to accomplish my goals. With all this blessed opportunity that Passport to College has given me, I have no reason at all not to accomplish my goals. Passport to College has rules and standards aimed at instilling discipline and good ethics that will be beneficial now and in the near future. Passport to College has helped create a road map for my college life so I can better manage myself and be successful.