Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to use your service?

Students are charged $0 to use PTC services. Our services are completely free to the students enrolled in our program.


What is STEM?

Stem are the fields of study for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


How long has Passport to College existed?

Passport to College had been an idea long before if formally came into fruition in 2012.


What do I need to do if I meet the qualifications to apply?

Please complete the application to get your information in our system. We will then reach out to you to let you know the status of your application.


How long will Passport to College support its students?

Our goal is to support your journey through your final year of undergraduate school, so that we may ensure you are successfully prepared for your career or further graduate studies.


Do you provide this opportunity to students in the United States?

Due to the overwhelming amount of programs in the United States, we are focusing our efforts on select international countries. If you are a student in the U.S. who wants to pursue one of the STEM fields, there are a plethora of resources available to you.


Why should I care about international students?

We are excited about the potential of new innovative ideas in the STEM fields that will advance our medical experiences, technological experiences and more. We want to enhance the workforce that is responsible for teaching our children mathematics and sciences, thus the benefit of international students in STEM will benefits us all.


How does Passport to College fund itself?

Passport to College relies on fundraising efforts and donations.


Do I ave to do the SAT or ACT before applying ?

No, you do not have to do the ACT or SAT before applying to Passport to College.